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TouchSquid Custom Screen With All Buttons

Setting up your Touchsquid.

Be Sure to register it and follow the link to Update to the latest software version. It is easy! Registered users receive emails with the latest updates and bonus apps.

Download and print out the
Painfree Guide to Setting up TouchSquid.

The guide walks you through the setup in the easiest possible way. Just follow the step by step instructions and it is hard to go wrong.


What devices do you want to control?

  • TV sets and Video Projectors
  • Cable or Satellite boxes with or without PVR recording ability.
  • DVD and Blu-Ray players
  • Home Theater audio and surround sound systems
  • DVD recorders and VCRs
  • Media Managers such as Roku, Boxee and Apple TV
  • Game consoles such as Microsoft Xbox360 and Sony PS3

What Brands do you support?

There are hundreds of names in the Touchsquid brand list. The odds are at least 100 to one that we support your device, provided it uses Infrared signaling.

How are they connected?

A few simple questions are asked, such as whether TV channels are changed on the TV or a set top box. What inputs are connected where.

Are there devices that won’t work with the squid?

A few. Some high end sound systems use RF (radio frequency) controllers and cannot accept infrared signals. Bose makes some of these. The Sony PS3 uses Bluetooth, but infrared adapters are available.

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