Tablet Computers Supported by Touchsquid

The Touchsquid Universal Remote App supports Android tablets and Smartphones.  Primarily, Touchsquid works with the following tablets that have built-in IR transmitters or blasters.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7,
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Used with the above tablets, there is no need to purchase additional hardware or external IR blasters.
Touchsquid Remote App for Samsung comes in two versions:

1. The Professional version
2. The Home version

Generic Tablets
Touchsquid remote app, in conjunction with external IR blasters will work with  Android tablets of other brands that have no built-in IR transmitter.  These external IR blasters include Global Cache, IR Trans and Keene.

Watch a demo video of the Touchsquid Remote App for tablets.

Turn your Galaxy S4 or HTC One smartphone into a power universal remote with the Touchsquid activity based remote app.  Both these smartphones have built-in IR blasters.

You can purchase the Galaxy S4 HTC One Remote App by Touchsquid through the Google Play store. Click here to purchase.