NBA Live Mobile – Why You Need To Defend Properly?

Posted by admin on February 4, 2017

Users keep on searching for new tactics which will assist them in improving their NBA Live Mobile gaming skills. Well, if you gone through numerous available guides online, most of them would recommend making use of nba live mobile hack apk.  Surely, these programs are worth to apply but on most occasions, users use a wrong program and face huge trouble. Game lovers need to make sure the selected tips and tricks are safe and worth to apply. Now when we discuss NBA Live Mobile game, the two most critical aspects of the game are defense and offense. Here in our article, we will elaborate significant details about ways to defend and why we need to apply these ways effectively.

Need Of Learning The Art Of Defending

When you learn to defend properly the chances of winning tough and important NBA Live Mobile games will increase a lot. Auto-play has always remained a top-notch option when it comes to defending but not as good as defending the game at your own level. In general, most of the players don’t have an issue with the offense as it is pretty straightforward indeed. It is the defense which will create many issues and you need to improve it out. Without a proper defense, you will lack behind and strong opponents will keep winning. Even according to many gaming experts, it is the adequate defense which will get help in winning more matches. Now when you search online, you will easily find many defensive tricks. These tricks are worth to apply for sure but in order to get quality ones you are required to approach quality online sources. First of all, as a GM you need to select the defensive tricks which are better than others. One can easily take the fine example of defending the ball with Guard button pressed. It will only move the joystick away from your opponent.

Look For Top-Notch Defenders

Building a strong team is all about maintaining the adequate balance between top-notch defenders and attackers. You need to find players which are good in defending and attacking. In order to find the right balance, you must follow current ratings of the players. There is no point in having a good defense and bad attack or vice-versa. Invest your money properly and try to look for player sets which contain both quality defenders and attackers.


NBA Live Mobile game is a real fascinating one and it will definitely take you the perfect virtual world of basketball. As a GM of the popular franchise you are required to keep searching for good players according to your own team combination. Just like attack, defend is an important element of winning strategy. It is worth to remember indeed, it is the strong defense of your team which will help in winning more matches. Keep working on your defending strategy and look for quality tips and tricks all the time.

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