Universal remote control app for Androids and Smartphones

The software solution to a hardware problem!

TouchSquid is a software based solution which combines the features of an Android tablet with a full featured Universal TV Remote Control.

What sets it apart is its activity based approach which uses the Samsung Tab built-in infrared blaster (IR) on an Android platform. The Touchsquid can control a full array of TVs, Media players, amplifiers, game consoles and all the other devices that make up your Home theater.

Activity based approach simply means that you are able to use ONE BUTTON to turn on or off all devices connected to an activity.

To Watch TV, just press the Watch TV button. All inputs are switched and you are ready to go. A Favorites panel allows you to set your favorite channels and websites with their logos so they are all available at the touch of a button.

To watch a DVD or Blu-Ray, press one button, and all inputs switch and the DVD player buttons appear. Put in a disc and press play. Back to watch TV? One button. This may be the only remote that lets you check out an obscure movie on iMDB without leaving your chair, right on the TouchSquid. Here are some of the features and benefits:

Works with Android Tablets or Smartphone
  • Works with Samsung Tablets and Smartphones with built-in IR blasters; HTC One, and select Sony tablets
  • Works with generic Android tablets using an external IR blaster.
  • Activity-based controls turn on all required devices with one touch
Unlimited Profiles and Activities Set-up
  • Set up unlimited profiles for your living room, familyroom, bedroom….
  • Each profile can control up to 10 activities
  • Each activity can control up to 10 devices
  • Built-in database of over 250,000 devices
  Store your Favorite Channels, websites, apps
  • Quick access to your favorite channels
  • Browse the net for information on your favorite shows, movies or actors
  • One button instant access to Google or Facebook
  Step-by-Step Simple Setup
  • No need to use another computer to set up
  • Painfree guide for step-by-step setup
  • Customer support by phone, email or through our user forum
  Powerful User customizable macros
  • comprehensive user definable macros
  • a macro is a sequence of commands which can perform complex tasks
  • attach macros to any command or user defined buttons
  • Assign up to 984 favorite buttons in 41 favorite screens
  Choose or your skin or theme
  • design your own skin or theme for your touchsquid app
  • or choose from our library of skins and themes
  • Subscribe to your favorite  ezines or enews
Wireless Support for Hidden Devices
  • Add a Global Cache Itach WF2IR or IP2IR to control devices behind a wall or cabinet
  • Also supports Keene and IRTrans external blasters
  • Optional external device sold separately